KMC Transport is a growing transport company. We are currently developing partnerships with truckers / driver-owners; we offer a solid partnership, based on a lucrative collaboration with respect.
If you own your truck and are an entrepreneur and known for your professionalism and customer service, you are the type of person we are looking for and with whom we want to establish a long term partnership.

Class 1.3.5 driver employment

KMC Transport is always on the lookout for experienced drivers to join the team.

Prerequisites for drivers :

Class 1.3.5 driver jobs
- Driving record with 5 demerit points or less;
- Valid passport;
- Functional English;
- Be 25 years old or over;
- Be responsible, professional and resourceful;
- Have a class 1, 3 or 5 driving license.

Prerequisites for partners and drivers-owners

Recreational vehicle transport
- F-250 or 2500 diesel truck or more, 12 years of age maximum;
- Driving record with 5 demerit points or less;

Agricultural, industrial & construction transport transport
- Truck F-350 or 3500 diesel or more, year 2005 or more;
- Driving record with 5 demerit points or less;
- Be 25 years old or over;
- Trailer fifth wheel, gooseneck or on shooting bar;
- Have your NIR in transport;
- Insurance $ 100,000 and more cargo and $ 2,000,000 in civil liability;